4 Reasons New Dohop Will Make You Happy

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The new version of Dohop is live.


So, how are we making your flight-finding easier? Let us count the ways.

1. Faster results

Results show up with supersonic speed. We stripped our algorithms, upgraded the server temporals and re-adjusted the flux capacitors and now we present prices with eye-stunning speed.

2. Easier on the eyes

We made all the elements that matter (price, flight information and the buttons) easier to see and read.

3. Prettier on your iPad

If you are on an iPad, the new design will scrunch up to fit the screen. Same if you are using a phone to search for flights. The design gurus call it “responsive design”, we just hope that it means that searching for flights doesn’t mean that you have to be on the computer at home.

4. Smarter with your money

Wouldn’t you want to know if flying out a day early could save you money? Well, we do that now. If we know about a cheaper flight around the days you searched for, we’ll let you know with a little blue bar at the top of the results.


Now, go try it out for yourself. Go ahead. Look for a flight to that city you always wanted to visit. New Dohop.

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