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The 13 Most Amazing Panorama Photos We’ve Ever Seen


Panorama photography has been around for a while, but now that everyone has a smartphone there are a lot more of them around. They are not all great. We, however, found 13 of the best panorama photos on the web, and gathered them together for you. We think #12 is just awesome (and it’s also… Read more »

10 Cities You Want to Visit in 2014

We can see your future, and we know what city you will visit this year.  How? Well, whenever users search for a flight on Dohop we log the destination and the dates involved (not in a creepy NSA-way where we steal your data and the names of your children, we just record that a Dohop user searched… Read more »

The Dohop Whitelabel Program.

We’ve been in this business for about 10 years. We’ve learned a lot about finding cheap flights and how to make a living helping people get from A to B. Now it’s your turn. Anyone can set up their own version of Dohop’s flight search on their website, offering visitors a great way to find… Read more »

5 Tips That Help You Find the Cheapest Flight

When it comes to finding cheap flights, we have quite a bit to share with you. You see, we go through a lot of flight searches every day, and we have learned a few things that are good to keep in mind when searching for the cheapest flight available. Below you’ll find 5 great tips…. Read more »

The Top Cities for 2013

So, we have this flight-finding gadget called Dohop, and it is used to search for a lot of flights, every single day of the year. When a search is made, we log the airports flown from and to, as well as the dates the trip is to take place. This allows to see what Dohop… Read more »